The Diversity Project

In November 2016 the UK investment and savings industry pledged its commitment to attracting, developing and retaining new and diverse talent with the launch of its Diversity Project. The Project, which is supported by many of the largest investment and savings institutions in the UK, marks a significant step to accelerate progress in encouraging a more inclusive culture in the investment profession over the next five years. Bringing together individual firms, and building upon the successes of existing initiatives, such as Investment2020, it will address the need for greater diversity across a range of dimensions; gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, LGBTI+, age and disability.

“The UK’s asset management industry supports the interests of millions of savers and plays a vital role in the performance of companies and the wider economy. Our ability to perform well depends upon the talent we are able to attract and develop. Gathering together individuals from different backgrounds with a range of experiences will help us navigate both challenges and opportunities on behalf of our clients, by drawing upon a blend of analytical, innovative and empathetic skills.”

Unique Media performed a series of interviews within the Financial Services Industry. We then crafted together a film to be shown at the launch of the initiative.

Project Details

Client: The Investment Association
Date: November 2016
Skills: Video Production