Business Communications FAQ

Do you do audio-only events or podcasts?

Yes, we do audio only streaming as well as full production podcasts.

How long does it take for the event archive to be made available online?

The webcast archive will typically be made available within 24 hours of the live broadcast.

How long will the archive of our event be available online?

All of our webcast archives are available for at least one month from the broadcast date, and can be archived for longer if needed.

Will I need any special programmes or settings on my computer to view the broadcast?

All you will need is a browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari with Adobe Flash player or Windows Media Player installed.

I have privacy restrictions. What are your security measures?

All of our streams are password protected (unless you require otherwise). From encoding, through to watching, we provide secure access to our media servers. We can also cater for any Geo-Blocking requirements you may have (viewing restrictions based on location of viewer). 128-bit encryption is available (HTTPS and RTMPS) for all of our services.

Having problems?

If you are having any difficulty viewing a webcast please visit our webcast help page.