Where can I find my webcast?
You should have received an email invitation containing the log in details and location of your webcast before the event. If you were expecting one but have not received it yet, please contact us.

What browsers can I use?
We support all modern browsers including Internet Explorer (7.0+), Mozilla Firefox (3.0+), Safari and Google Chrome.

Do I need special programs installed?
Depending on the video format used in the webcast you will need either Windows Media Player or the Adobe Flash to be installed.

I don't have Microsoft PowerPoint, can I still view the event?
You do not need PowerPoint to view the slides. You will only need PowerPoint if you wish to view the downloadable copy of the presentation from the 'Downloads' section. Please note, not all webcasts have downloadable content available.

When should I log on to the webcast?
We recommend that you log on at least 5 minutes before the start time, so that you do not miss the beginning of the event.

I missed the webcast! Can I watch it again?
If you miss an event entirely, in many cases there will be an archived version available online after the live event has finished. To access this, please re-visit the original link you received. The archive is usually made available within 48 hours.

The video is not playing. All I see is a black screen.
The video may take a while to buffer (up to 1 minute, depending on your geographical location and line speed). Please be patient whilst this happens. If nothing has appeared after 90 seconds, please phone or email us and we will help you to diagnose the issue.

The video is stuttering and the quality changes a lot.
You likely have insufficient bandwidth to view the webcast properly. If there is a low bandwidth option available to you on the interface, please select this now. Alternatively, you can listen to the webcast over the phone. To do this, please click 'Listen Via Phone' on the webcast interface. If this button is not there, then that feature has not been selected by the webcast organizer. Please contact us for alternative options.

Can I control the video during an event?
During the live events you cannot rewind / pause or re-watch the event. However, full time control is usually available during the archived version, as well as the ability to jump to chapters (available from the chapters menu).

I asked a question but did not get a response.
Due to the length of live events there is often not time for the speakers to respond to all of the questions. However all of the questions are usually passed on to the speakers for them to follow up appropriately.

My question is not listed in this FAQ, what do I do?
If your question is not listed here and you still require help, you can email us directly at or telephone +44 (0)1179 373888

This page was last updated on 27/2/13